Buy as You View Contact Number

If you want to get your appliance, computers, gadgets and furniture without any deposit, then you should contact the Buy as You View customer services and information phone line on 01656 754511. This number is for new customers of BAYV.

Buying new computers, appliances, furniture or anything else for that matter requires some form of deposit – that is to say, when you purchase these through traditional channels (shopping centres, appliance stores or specialty shops). This actually makes buying the items you want a little bit of a hassle because you have to save up for the deposit first before you get the product. With Buy as You View, this problem does not exist. First of all, they totally waived off the deposit in lieu for weekly payments. Another great thing about BAYV is that they will deliver your purchased product within 72 hours of your approval.

Buy as You View Contact Numbers

If you’re a new customer interested in buying from BAYV, then call their information and support phone line on 01656 754511.

If you’re already a Buy as You View customer but you still have a few questions for them about their products or system, then call them on 0333 777 3208.

If you’re member of the press, then you can contact the BAYV press team on either 0207 340 1153 or 07951 100 332.

Text Buy as You View

If you prefer that BAYV call you instead of you calling them, then you just have to text ‘Call Me’ to 600705.

Buy as You View Email

If you’d rather communicate via email, then you can send your enquiries to

For press enquiries, you can email or for information.

Tweet Buy as You View

You can also tweet your enquiries @BuyAsYouView. Tweeting (according to BAYV) will result in a delayed correspondence, making emailing them a much better choice.