Southern Electric Contact Number

If you want to contact Southern Electric for enquiries about their electricity or gas, then call them on their general enquiries phone line on 0800 980 8476.

Our civilisation is energy hungry and we love it. We are energy hungry ourselves (or at least our gadgets are) so we carry it around through batteries and powerbanks that power our gadgets and computes. At home, we have kitchen appliances that help us prepare our food as well as preserve and keep it. In our living rooms, we have television sets that allow us to watch weekly episodes of our favourite TV series or if you prefer to binge watch full seasons in one sitting, then you can do that as well. At work, we have our computers and other office tools and machines that lessen our work load, allowing us to increase our job efficiency. Being one of the Big Six, Southern Electric allows millions of UK residents to do all of these.

Southern Electric was once two publicly owned energy suppliers that was merged and privatised – because of this, they are currently the second largest energy supplier in all of the UK.

If you’re interested in their heating services, then you can find out more by calling 0800 975 0807. If it’s their telephone and broadband services that you have enquires on, then call them on 0800 980 9922. If you want to learn more about the energy that Southern Electric generates then just ring them up on 0800 980 8476.