Thames Water Contact Number: 0800 980 8800

Phone Thames Water on their freephone general enquiries contact number 0800 980 8800 to pay your bill over the phone if you are unable to login to your online services to manage your direct debits.


Customer Services – 0800 980 8800

Contact Thames Water by calling their freephone customer service number 0800 980 8800 for information about repairs, for updates on reported leaks and for planned improvements in your area. Alternatively, you may wish to discuss your account and can enquiry the cost of your monthly bill before asking whether you are eligible for a cheaper tariff based on your water usage. Callers can also use this number to set up a direct debit as to avoid having to manually pay their water bill each month and can therefore ask for the difference in rates for both quarterly and annual payments. You should also contact Thames Water to submit a meter reading if you are on a variable tariff as if your usage has reduced then you could qualify for a cheaper energy bill. Alternatively, you should contact the supplier to report low water pressure before asking for over-the-phone troubleshooting assistance as to avoid having to call out for a plumber.

You should also phone Thames Water if you have moved home and would like to report a change of address. As long as you still live in the Thames Water supply area then you will qualify for the service but will need to provide the meter reading of your property to update your tariff. If you are moving away from the supply area then you will have to close your account and can use this number to cancel your water supply over the phone.


Leakline – 0800 714 614

However, you should phone the 24-hour Thames Water Leakline 0800 714 614 to report a leak or burst pipe to an emergency advisor. You can use this number to arrange for an emergency plumbing engineer to visit your home address to assess any damage but you may first wish to ask a Thames Water representative how to turn off your water supply to prevent any further flooding. Callers can also use this number to report an issue at a Thames Water site, whether there is an alarm going off or if they have spotted a missing manhole cover.


Costs of Calling the Supplier

As Thames Water uses a freephone service you will not have to worry about any call costs when contacting the supplier from both UK landlines and mobile phones. Furthermore, Thames Water operates its customer service department from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Saturday while their Leakline is available on a 24-hour basis.


Thames Water Phone Numbers

Thames Water Department UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0800 980 8800
Leakline 0800 714 614


Write to the Thames Water Head Office

If you would like to appeal a charge on your water bill or register a complaint regarding the service you have received from the supplier then you should send all correspondence to the address of the Thames Water Head Office:

Thames Water,
Clearwater Court,
Vastern Rd,
RG1 8DB,
United Kingdom.